Now that my work load his calmed down a little i’ve started to think about work placements and applying for a PGCE/QTS. I created a new UCAS account a few days ago and spent a couple of nights researching the different routes into becoming a teacher, all of which involved gaining a QTS (Qualified Teacher Status). There are two main routes into getting this, the first being my preferred way. This is what i’ve found out so far;

1) SCITT – School Centered Initial Teacher Training. So instead of studying strictly academically in a university for the year i’ll be hands-on in a school, putting practical and physical skills to the test with the odd university based lecture. This is definitely the option I will try hardest to get, after a solid 19 years in strictly academic education it’s fair to say another year may just crack me! I love practical work too and I think there’s more real opportunity and experience to be gained from learning first hand in a school instead of learning from books in a university.

2) PGCE – Postgraduate Certificate in Education. A year long course based in a university. As well as gaining a QTS you also get a PGCE, but there’s sadly not as much hands-on experience as the school based program.

I’ve also had to research which universities or schools better suit my needs and expectations (which is actually quite tricky) taking into consideration how long it’s going to take me to get there, especially considering I’m moving house in January, and I don’t know where to yet!

Both routes require a 2:1 or a 1st honours degree so it’s time to start WORKING. The UCAS application process only opened on November 21st so i’m getting ahead of the game, I aim to have applied to all 3 choices by the end of today and in the meantime will be preparing for *hopefully* any interviews.



I finally finished the pattern-a-day challenge a few days ago. I got a total of 900 views and 3 commissions through the blog, so overall it was a pretty good result from just 30 days work. I plan on continuing this challenge in January when i’ll have a bit more free time, and the results from this next challenge should be significantly better than the previous month’s since i’ve now acquired a small following on my wordpress, instagram and twitter account.

As you can see my blog views decreased a lot towards the end of the challenge. My work load became pretty hectic and I found it too difficult to fit everything I was expected to do in a day, and so my patterns suffered. I started producing quick, simple patterns and it’s fair to say this is why the views dropped. I’ll definitely have to be a little more prepared for busy periods when I start the challenge again in January.

Screen Shot 2013-12-08 at 19.21.17

Now that the blog is over i’ll be looking for work placements and applying for PGCE courses for 2014-15.