Patterns are continuing as usual. I’m taking a lot more time on these new patterns to ensure that the pattern chosen for my final collection involves enough detail to play around with and create corresponding designs from.

At the moment i’m working on a requested ‘woodland animal’ theme. I’m taking my time to hand draw the animals as i think this could be a potentially popular pattern. I’m making smaller/basic patterns from each animal I draw to increase my blog uploads and to also keep people involved with what i’m working on.


I also hope to have finished and publicised my website by the end of this month in order to create a more professional self-image. I’m not going to make this a strict deadline as i’m moving house on the 25th of Jan and it’ll be a while before the internet is set up.



Faraday Primary school finally responded to my request for work experience and kindly declined – stating that the school was too small and they had no need for a volunteer at this time. I’m re-considering my options for when i leave university as i’m not entirely sure that i’ll have the grades or the experience expected of me in order to get accepted onto a teacher training course. I also STILL can’t apply through UCAS as i’m waiting on a teacher to provide a reference, which puts me in a bad position and i’m a lot less likely to get a place in my chosen universities. I’m not entirely sure what the plan is just yet, but i’ll continue to search for work experience in a wider field.


I’ve been sharing all pattern/blog/creative processes with all friends and followers on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Tumblr and WordPress. I’m trying to get people involved in order to generate as much feedback as possible and to increase my blog following. If this was to become a full time job i’d need a large enough audience to make my blogs worthwhile and to make a sufficient income from it, so i’m trying to practise techniques that are likely to generate more views and a general bigger response. It’s also essential for my studio project; i’ve re-written my proposal to involve my patterns and blogging, stating that the most popular pattern will be used to create my final collection of soft furnishings (therefore feedback is essential to determine which patterns were the most popular on a commercial level). 

I’ve requested ideas on all the social media platforms i’m involved with and i’ve been given a huge list of possible future patterns! I’ll be sure to only create patterns that suit my style of drawing and themes that I think will be suitable to use as a final collection of soft furnishings, also taking into consideration that whatever I produce will be shown at New Designers (not all requests will be used).





I’ve spent the past few days learning about HTML and lots of crazy coding rules. It’s fair to say my brain is fried but i’m slowly progressing with my website. I’ve created custom buttons using Photoshop in the same style as my title to add a little more colour to my site.

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 17.36.18

I’ve also learned how to integrate Twitter, Instagram and Facebook buttons onto my website. That was probably the most tricky bit so far!

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 17.36.30

And finally, one of the things i’m most proud of; i’ve created an automatic slideshow! yaaaaaay. I deleted the ‘patterns’ page last week out of rage but decide to have a go at re-creating it a few days ago. I decided to divide my patterns up into months since there’s no blogroll option that allows you to upload new pictures automatically at the top of the site, and I didn’t want a stagnant page with new posts going at the very bottom. So, i’ve created ‘month buttons’ (shown above) which direct you to each month’s patterns. Next to the buttons is a slideshow which i’ll have to regularly update, featuring my best patterns or patterns that receive the most positive feedback to give the viewer a brief overview of my work.

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 17.36.29

I’m really pleased with the progression so far. There’s a lot more to website building than I initially thought, so i’m having to overcome a lot of difficulties, but seeing these small results definitely makes all the struggles irrelevant. My aim is to have the website complete by the end of January so that I can begin promoting it and focussing on my final collection for my studio project. I have a dissertation deadline this Friday so all CIP work will have to go on a short hold for 3 days, so it’ll be ‘full steam ahead’ with this website building as soon as Friday’s come and gone.


I seem to keep running into problems. After giving up with Dreamweaver for it’s non-amature-friendlyness I figured I was getting an easy way out by using Moonfruit – apparently not. I’ve just learned their blog feature isn’t yet available, so i’ve had to create a button link to my WordPress site, where i’ll have to continue to blog. I’m also having a hard time creating my pattern gallery; the pattern thumbnails aren’t showing on any other computers than my own and they look super distorted. I’ve spent the past two days deleting and re-creating the gallery page, changing the format and size of all my patterns, reading forums and emailing Moonfruit but i’m yet to find an answer. 





Above are screenshots from my own computer. The thumbnails are horribly distorted and each pattern fails to fully open.



This is a screenshot from a friend’s computer, he can’t see or interact with the thumbnails. Boo!

Until I hear back from Moonfruit i’m going to put the website building on hold and carry on with some more patterns. I uploaded two patterns to my WordPress blog today to get the ball rolling.



Today I finally started building my own website. I’m using to help build my site as starting from scratch with Dreamweaver proved to be to difficult and time consuming. It’s taken me a while to grasp the kinds of things i’m supposed to include on my website so i’ve spent most of today researching other websites, logos and themes. Although i’ve managed to create a site logo and some buttons to my twitter and my newly made Facebook page specifically for my blog. 

Screen shot 2014-01-07 at 22.43.20

I’m going to re-post all of my old patterns on my new website and continue using the website as my main blog, so i’m in the lengthy process of putting my new watermark on all of the old patterns. Moonfruit are currently updating their blog feature so for the time being i’m just going to have to keep blogging on WordPress.


Something else I forgot to mention during a busy week… 

On the last week of term, the New Designer group decided to crate a christmas raffle. We were all super busy working on selling tickets and making prizes but the raffle ended up being a huge success! My contribution was this pair of hand printed hot air balloon cushions:



This took up a huge part of the last week of term, along with a dissertation deadline and a vast amount of christmas shopping!


I’m almost at the end of what felt like an ever-lasting UCAS application process!!

Only a few small checkpoints to cover and then i’m ready to send off my application. I didn’t realise you had to write a personal statement for postgraduate courses so I spent the most part of today selling myself in written form; desperately trying to fill the 4000 character limit. Researching took up so much time as there were so many things to understand. UCAS only allow you to apply to 3 different courses so I had to be thorough with my university/school research to ensure I was picking the right courses for me. I decided to go for 2 university based courses and one school centred course.

As soon as my application has been sent I still need to take the official Professional Skills Test  and apply for at least 10 days work experience in a state school.

Once this is all over i’ll finally begin the Adidas competition work, which i’m going to submit under the CIP module.