I’ve spent the past few days learning about HTML and lots of crazy coding rules. It’s fair to say my brain is fried but i’m slowly progressing with my website. I’ve created custom buttons using Photoshop in the same style as my title to add a little more colour to my site.

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 17.36.18

I’ve also learned how to integrate Twitter, Instagram and Facebook buttons onto my website. That was probably the most tricky bit so far!

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 17.36.30

And finally, one of the things i’m most proud of; i’ve created an automatic slideshow! yaaaaaay. I deleted the ‘patterns’ page last week out of rage but decide to have a go at re-creating it a few days ago. I decided to divide my patterns up into months since there’s no blogroll option that allows you to upload new pictures automatically at the top of the site, and I didn’t want a stagnant page with new posts going at the very bottom. So, i’ve created ‘month buttons’ (shown above) which direct you to each month’s patterns. Next to the buttons is a slideshow which i’ll have to regularly update, featuring my best patterns or patterns that receive the most positive feedback to give the viewer a brief overview of my work.

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 17.36.29

I’m really pleased with the progression so far. There’s a lot more to website building than I initially thought, so i’m having to overcome a lot of difficulties, but seeing these small results definitely makes all the struggles irrelevant. My aim is to have the website complete by the end of January so that I can begin promoting it and focussing on my final collection for my studio project. I have a dissertation deadline this Friday so all CIP work will have to go on a short hold for 3 days, so it’ll be ‘full steam ahead’ with this website building as soon as Friday’s come and gone.


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