The mother of the girl who I recently designed a tattoo for has asked me to modify/design a few sets of cushions for her home. She’s supplied me with Laura Ashley fabric and cushions and a brief mentioning roughly what she’s after. She has asked me to create a costing including the time I spent on her cushions so that she can pay me accordingly for my efforts when complete.

Some of the techniques necessary to complete the commission are appliqué, reverse appliqué and inserting zips. These are things i’m vaguely familiar with, so a little bit of reading up will need to be done beforehand. I’d like to get this done as quickly as possible for an impressive turn-around time and low costs.



Supplied materials.



On this cushion she want’s me to replace a few of the teacups with her Laura Ashley Fabric.


On these two large cushions she wants large appliquéd writing spelling ‘Cariad’ on one side and ‘Cwtch’ on the other using the Laura Ashley fabric.


And for this cushion she wants a complete new cover made entirely out of the supplied Laura Ashley fabric.



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