It’s been quite challenging trying to find digital print companies who print on a suitable soft-furnishing fabric (such as linen, viscose etc) and who can also print fine detail. I recently received a sample from ‘bags of love’ and was really disappointed with the quality. I had spoken to an employee through the live chat feature on their website and had asked for her recommendation for a fabric that could be used for cushions and curtains. I went with her recommendation and what I received was some kind of unusual suede material that made the ink bleed and therefore smudged my design. None of the fabrics advertised on their website describe which type of fabrics they are, and instead have silly abstract names that don’t define them well.

photo 1

photo 2

I was also recently contacted by a printing company from India after an employee came across my blog. He contacted me through Facebook and asked if i’d be interested in using his company. He explained that fabric and resources are much cheaper in India and so the total cost of my bulk order would be much cheaper when bought from them, even with the shipping, than it would buying from a UK company. My order came to just £15 for a metre (150cm wide) of linen plus the printed design, and an additional £10 for shipping. The only problem with this company is that because they’re so busy and cater for so many people, my printing was delayed by 3 weeks and i’m still waiting for it to be steamed and finalised.

I then contacted the silk bureau, who annoyingly don’t provide service details and charges on their website, but were very willing to help via email. They offer a wide range of fabrics (at quite a high price!) which is very appealing considering my experience with other UK based companies. An employee is currently analysing my design to determine whether or not it can be printed, so i’m waiting to hear back before I can go ahead and print.

Student Pricelist March 2014 (4)

With the deadlines approaching fast i’m getting worried that I won’t have time to get my designs printed and sent to me in time to create a collection of soft furnishing products.


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