With less than 2 weeks until the final deadline my final collection is finally starting to piece together. So far I have 5 designs, each in 3 different colours. I aim to get 2 more designs made before I send my designs to India to be digitally printed onto 100% linen.

I decided to base my final collection around my ‘toile de jouy’ themed pattern. This one received the most positive feedback across all of my social media accounts and as I stated in my project proposal; I would pick the pattern that became the most commercially popular. 

It was really difficult and time consuming producing the coordinating patterns, but also so rewarding to see them finished. They all involve a mixture of different techniques including pencil drawings, pen illustrations and photoshopping/photo editing all collaged and layered to create different scenes. 

It’s been a lot of fun keeping a pattern blog, with my blog being available to everyone world-wide I felt more motivated to work on and post new patterns, and it almost kept the pressure to create alive. I feel that if perhaps I hadn’t been posting my work online then I would have felt more comfortable creating something a little more half-heartedly and maybe not paying too much attention to detail.  It’s also taught me a lot about networking and effectively using my social media sites. There are a lot of unspoken rules that you pick up along the way such as knowing keywords to use to engage your audience, knowing where to find your audience and knowing what times of the day will catch more eyes. I’ve learned about self-promotion through trial and error and can now use this knowledge to help promote the next stage of ‘ameliamakes’ – my website. By the end of this project I hope to have my website up and running, and to use it as a space where a blog, a shop and galleries of patterns can all be in one space and under one domain. This should help create a brand image too!

Here are the single tiles of each of the 5 patterns I have so far. All of them repeat.








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