After much frustration with my Moonfruit website, I decided it was time to find a new website building host! I kept having problems with image upload limits and distorted thumbnails and the website just didn’t at all look professional. I emailed Moonfruit several times to advise me on why this was happening, to which they replies ‘we have an image upload limit of 20MB’… which is pants.

I created a new website with Squarespace a week ago and have already finished it! It was much easier to use and the website looks a LOT more professional.

Home Page:










The only problem I have with squarespace is the domain. Currently the website is not viewable to anybody, only I can access my site while i’m logged in. If I begin a subscription with them I can create my own custom domain, but the domain i’ve been advertising and stated on my business cards is – which is already taken. That domain is tied to my Moonfruit account and i’m still waiting to hear back from them to see if they’re able to release my domain so that it’s free to use for my squarespace website. I desperately need this domain to be linked to my new website by the time New Designers is here so that my business cards and entire years worth of branding don’t go to waste!

Another issue is that squarespace only allow you to purchase a custom domain if you subscribe to an annual membership – monthly memberships will not get you the custom domain. So to solve this I think I’m able to buy (if moon fruit release it) through a 3rd part company such as GoDaddy, and then map my URL to my squarespace website. I’ve had to learn so much about domains and website building!

These are squarespace’s terms on domain mapping, which i’m still trying to understand:

Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 15.01.53


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