I’ve been sharing all pattern/blog/creative processes with all friends and followers on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Tumblr and WordPress. I’m trying to get people involved in order to generate as much feedback as possible and to increase my blog following. If this was to become a full time job i’d need a large enough audience to make my blogs worthwhile and to make a sufficient income from it, so i’m trying to practise techniques that are likely to generate more views and a general bigger response. It’s also essential for my studio project; i’ve re-written my proposal to involve my patterns and blogging, stating that the most popular pattern will be used to create my final collection of soft furnishings (therefore feedback is essential to determine which patterns were the most popular on a commercial level). 

I’ve requested ideas on all the social media platforms i’m involved with and i’ve been given a huge list of possible future patterns! I’ll be sure to only create patterns that suit my style of drawing and themes that I think will be suitable to use as a final collection of soft furnishings, also taking into consideration that whatever I produce will be shown at New Designers (not all requests will be used).





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